The Ensemble Cantus Lunaris consist of many international musicans even from all over the world if you count also the guests who join the group now and then.
Some of the musicans have studied music and play or sing as soloists with orchestras on opera houses or concert halls in front of hundreds or thousand of people.

As we have so many international Musicans the repertoire of international folk, celtic, medieval,Renaissance and early Barock songs, arias, duets, choirs and instrumentals are numerous. For that we are proud to say that we can present you a big list of gema-free music and can sent you a repertoire list if wanted. GEMAFREIE MUSIK!

But for payed gema fees we also can present other repertoire : covers of Blackmores Night and Loreena McKennitt or others if wished.

We have played at numoures Medival- Renaissance fairs and festivals, Medival Christmas Markets, Medival Weddings and so on.
We play unplugged,  as also plugged if wished but for technic we ask to be offered  from the organizers side as well as soundtechnics or extra pay for bringing a very good one.

Cantus Lunaris :

Soprano – Gaby Koss – (Ex-Haggard, Equilibrium, Nota profna, Theatre of Night, etc.)
Countertenor – Samuel Jaime Santana – Spain

Musicians :

CD: Formosus Fons: Tom Boyd -Oboe – Hollywood LA – known from playing on 1400 Soundtracks with world famous Filmcomposers

Sopran – Gaby Koss

Countertenor – Samuel Jaime Santana

Tenor – Peter Hildebrandt

Harp/vocals  – Katja Amler – (Guest : Birte Sedat or Barbara Gasteiger)

Violine – Alexey Mester – Russia  or Ana Paola – Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestraof Venezuela

Violine/Cello  – – Maria Ilg   (guest Anne Jegottka)

Flute/Harmonium/Harp – Bettina Baindl

Guitar/Zister – Andrea Bannert

Contrabass – Imki Niemeyer 

Percussion – Frank Krüger – Vielle , Former member: Carlos Mosquera – Venezuela /England – (Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra- Nota Profana)

Hurdygurdy, Bagpipe, Dulcimer –  Peter Schlemihl  Vielle                                                      (Former Cantus Lunaris Albert Dannenmann (Blackmores Night)


On Stage: 2014

Spinettino and Keys – Licia – Italy –  on stage

Percussion – Chris Eichlinger

Future – Metal performances:

E-Guitar – Tommy Wozniak  and Bass – Robin FIsher – Ex Haggard                            Drums: Timmy or Manuel di Camillo (Ex Equilibrium) or Chris Eichlinger


Fabula Antiqua :

Soprano – Gaby Koss

Countertenor – Samuel J. Santana

Vocals – Ida Elena

Bass-Bariton – Tommaso Corvaja – Italy

Flute/Oboe – Linda Antonetti  – Italy  (Ex-Haggard)

Guitar – Artur Vladinovski – Latvia

Harp – Elisa Nicotra – Italy

Percussion – Carlos Mosquera – Venezuela – England – Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra

Hurdygurdy, Bagpipe, Whistles, Recorders – Albert Dannenmann (Blacmores Night)

Sutdio guests:

Violine – Katarzyna Lipert – Poland (Castle Dreams) on CD Fabula Antiqua                       Cello – Monika Klüpfel (Dunkelschön)  on CD Fabula Antiqua
Nickelharpa/Harp – Michael (Dunkelschön) on CD Fabula Antiqua
Viola/Violine – Gerardo Cupido – Mexico  (Excecror Vecordia)
Violine – Ana Paola – Venezuela (Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, Nota profana)
Tenor/Flute – Andy Peschke – Germany

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