Booking if whished for Gemafree Music – Gemafreie Musik!

Big concert repertroire of international Folk, Celtic, Renaissance and early Barock music ! List of songs available for Gema !





Dezember: Release of “Spirits and Carols”

Dezember 11th: Chruchconcert with new Repertoire

Recordings for the Christmas CD: Spirits and Carols

July – Concert in the Cave – Tropfsteinhöhle mit Buchpresentation von Kathrin Miru





September: Organizing new concerts for Christmas, New rehearsals ..

July: Meeting and Rehearsal with new bandmembers in Munich

June: Contrabass Recordings Imkie Niemeier in Berlin

March : Recordings of Vocals

February: Meeting new members for Flute/vocals/Recorders/Shalmei/Harps – Bettina and Andrea – Tibetrea, Recordings of Hangdrum/Gongs/Percussions and Contrabas in Berlin with Imki and Timmy, Recordings of more Harp Harmonies in Munich,

January : Percussion Recordings in Venezuela from Carlos and Mezzosoprano Recordings for the new CD Formosus Fons.



Dezember : Recruting some more new musicians ;-)

September: More Violine and also Contrabass recordings for the new CD while waiting for percussions… Watch/Listen: Soneto

August: During recording the song “Come again” in the studio for our next Cantus Lunaris Album our great Albert recorded all the voices written by Henry Purcell with his different Crumhorns ! A little extra present for you while waiting for our new album…

July : Semper Memento Historia – Renaissance Festical – Scottish Festival being support of Saor Patrol (Musicians known from movies like Braveheart, Gladiator, King Arthur, Robin Hood, and many more)

June – Crana Historica Concert

May: Recordings for the new CD of a famouns musicians from Hollywood (played on 1400 Soundtracks like Titanic, Spiderman, etc.) Let yourslef suprise !

April: Concerts with Cantus Lunaris , Last Little finishings for the new CD..

Jan/Feb/March: Recording session with a lot of guests for the new Cantus Lunaris CD: Formosus Fons – with Renaissance, Celitc, Early Barock pieces – let yourself suprise also with a very very special and known guest from Hollywood.. ;-)



December Concerts: 6./7./9. be prepared …and studiorecordings for Lute with our guest from Mexico Karina Gonzales who studied in Zürich- Swiss !!

September/October/November – still into recordings for the new Renaissance/Barock CD.  Happy to announce Guest recordings on the CD: Doro – ExHaggard for Gamba / Violine :-) Also on one song there will be agian Dunkelschön : Michael with Harp and Monika again with Cello. Happy to have them !

August: Radiio Aena Chart-Playlist: Nr. 5 : Cantus Lunaris ! Castle Heidelberg was a success ! Looking forward to Stockerhof on Sunday the 25th of August

July: Rabenstein Sophienhöhle, Waidhaus church , Burghausen and Schadenweiler- we had loads of fun !

June : Hitting the studio for our second CD with mostly Renaissance treasures….!:-)

Release: 23rd of May 2013 : Fabula antiqua  – pure celtic – medieval songs     -      Prelisten : 1 – 2 – 3 Please order at :   Hope you enjoy !:-)

Release September 2013 : Formosus fons – pure Renaissance – early Barock

More recordings and mix and master April ,

Cover design by Alexander Hedera

February and March : Recordings for the Debut CD in the Dreamsoundstudio and Helionstudio with Samuel, Tommaso, Arthus, Ida, Linda, Albert, Gaby

January: Recordings in the Helionstudio for Flute, whistels, hurdygurdy, crumhorns, bagpipes, oboe… Prelisten: Outro-Por-que-llorax



November/Dezember: Some more concerts and recordings for our first Debut – CD

September/Oktober : First recordings with Elisa and Albert

June/July : More concerts at Medival festivals

May 2012: First rehearsals and medieval festival appereance

April 2012 : Getting to know Ida and Albert and they wanted to join our ensemble :-) Ida recorded vocals for the song : she moved through the fair

March 2012: Looking for homepages…

February 2012 : Looking for some more new bandmates

January 2012: Searching for names  with Linda and Samuel

Christmas 2011 – decision was made to found a group


Farewell and Anon and Be welcomed Lords and Ladies!

What thee bards and gleemen were for the common folk that were minstrells, troubadours and ensembles for the ceremonies and festivities of the wealthy and noblemen. As fair art thou, my music, that s sweetly played in tune…. Fare ye well…